The fees quoted by Johnson PhotoImaging are for the original job description as presented. Any additional changes, whether discussed orally or in writing, may apply.

Portrait retouching:

Classic Retouching is included with all portrait prints, wall portraits, and specialty items. Classic retouching eliminates minor blemishes, softens facial and expression lines, whitening of teeth and brightens eyes.

Enhanced retouching $50.00 per an image.

Enhanced Retouching is offered for all portraits selected in our collections. This includes removal of major blemishes, dental braces, stray hairs, tan & strap marks.  Our graphic artists spend extra time smoothing skin tones for a porcelain effect.


Federal Copyright Law with regards to portraits:

All portraits created by Johnson Photolmaging are protected by United States Federal Copyright laws. Scanning or duplicating any of these images in any fashion is against the law and will not be tolerated. They may not be placed on the Internet, Social Media sites, on cell phones, etc.

Please respect the hard work and dedication that is involved with your portraits and DO NOT COPY. JPI provides a copyright release for certain situations, simply ask your portrait professionals for assistance.

Several of our Collections give you the opportunity to purchase an assortment of your portraits for use on the Internet, and all Social Media sites.


100% of the cost of your order must be pre-paid before we can begin processing your portrait order. JPI only allows full complete orders for pick-up--No Partial Orders.

JPI's returned check charge is $40.00.